Wednesday, August 20, 2014

PGA Tournament

I'll be the first to admit that growing up I hated all things golf. It was such a boring sport to watch on tv. Once my little brother came along and grew fascinated with golf that quickly changed. He is an awesome golfer and I couldn't be more proud of him to play for the same university that I work at.

To add to our family of golfers (dad and my brother), I married into a golf family (Ryan's parents both played collegiately and Ryan would rather spend his time at the golf course than anywhere else.)

Apparently Ryan decided that this year would be "The Year of Golf" because he has now been to three professional tournaments. First, we went to the Master's earlier this year then a few months ago he went to the US Open at Pinehurst and most recently we went to the PGA tournament last weekend.

My dad and Ryan drove back and forth from my parent's house to Louisville (a 3 hour drive one way) every single day from Thursday to Saturday. It was agreed upon that our whole family would make the adventure up to Valhalla for the final round on Sunday. Well, my brother who thinks he is too cool for all of us backed out at the last minute so it ended up being my parents and us. After two days of practically non-stop rain the golf course looked fine but the patron areas (specifically the bathrooms porta potty lot) were in horrible shape. My mom ended up wearing rain boots which was a super smart move because I ruined my tennis shoes from my one trip to the bathroom. I think I might be a little spoiled from our trip to the Master's compared to this.

When it was all said and done the rain was coming down way too hard and we decided to leave. I had a terrible sinus infection the week before and was a little worried that standing out in a downpour for an hour straight wouldn't help. It was a good thing we left because the final pairs didn't end up finishing until sunset!

Mom and her rainboots. Look at how muddy that is! This is actually MUCH better compared to a lot of the places on the course. (Before Sunday's rain hit)

Ryan and I on the shuttle bus over from Churchill Downs

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Latest Addition to Our Family!

Guess what?
I'm back!

After such a long hiatus from posting to the blog, I've decided to bring it back into my life because what girl doesn't deserve having every single minute of their life posted to the internet? Ha.

A few things have changed along the way in the past few months more like a year.

The largest unexpected thing that has happened is Sew Southern Stitchery.
Well, my hobby quickly turned into a full fledged second job. In fact, there have been a few months in the past six months that I have only left my house once (other than going to work and back). I had two embroidery machines going non-stop from the time I got off work until well after midnight and even woke up early some mornings before work. It was exhausting, but I enjoyed (almost) every minute of it. Of course, there were a few mishaps like when my brother spilled water on my laptop and it wouldn't turn on (so my software system was unable to function) or the time my brand new big machine just quit working and the 100 pound beast had to be picked up and taken an hour away for repairs.

So if in case you have been wondering why I haven't been blogging, don't worry this is the reason. I've been busy making kid's birthday parties more adorable with custom shirts, bridal parties more exciting to be in with pretty monogrammed gifts and anything and everything in between including a locker room full of embroidered basketball chairs for the men's basketball team. Lots of exciting things have been happening but I am ready to get back into the "blog world!"

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Things That Really Matter

Where has the last eight months gone?

Long story short, I have officially became an entrepreneur (eek, that word still scares me) and opened a business. While I think of my business as a small little hobby, unfortunately Uncle Sam argued otherwise with me last quarter which resulted in a huge tax check and the biggest headache of my life. Let's just say that trying to be frugal and save me a couple of hundred dollars to file my own quarterly taxes left me scratching my head and trying to remember the very minute slivers of information from ACC 201 in college. I mean I had to take it twice so surely I would have remembered something, right? I was absolutely wrong.

It has been much more rewarding and exhausting than I could have imagined in a million years.
I took a giant leap of faith and have experienced every little hiccup (the good and bad kind) along the way.

However, just the past two days I've had compliments that I have only dreamed of to hear for years.
One of my dearest friends asked me for business advice and said I was "business savvy." Say what?!
Then today, in a business meeting at work (my real day job) I was told that I was very well spoken and polished. (In my mind, I'm sitting here thinking that I totally got ready in 15 minutes so they should see me on a day where it takes an hour and after I have my morning coffee.)

I've been doing a lot of contemplating lately about all kinds of different things. I'd actually call it more self-reflection than contemplating, but whatever floats your boat."Am I really spending my time wisely? Do I really have to attend that event? Can I really just choose this over that because I really don't want to do it anyways?"
At the end of the day, I have started to realize the person I want to be and the steps I must take to get there. I constantly complain about not having enough time in the day but realize that a lot of my time is wasted in the morning and my day gets started off on the wrong track. I once heard that the most successful people in America wake up two hours before everyone else to start their day. I can guarantee you that I have never and will never wake up at 4am but I'm thinking the "snooze" button and me have became far too acquainted lately.

After all, all that any of us really want in life is to be successful by being the best person we can be. We want to be the best wife, best daughter, best sister, best friend, best employee, best everything...but are we really tackling the obstacles to become that?

Do something today that your future self will be glad that you did today and stop putting it off for tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Crossfit Adventures

Where does one even begin to explain the past 39 days of their life? I know this is super cliche, but where does the time go? One of my best friends kindly reminded me that I haven't blogged since July 26 and I had to pick my jaw up off the floor because it seriously seems like it was only two weeks ago.

In all honesty, the past month can be described in two words: Crossfit and Embroidering.
Maybe I should throw in the word "obsession" with both of them to make it more fitting.
I'm one of those addictive personality people you read about. When I find something I really like, I obsess over it. Take Luke Bryan's newest cd for example--I haven't listened to the radio in a solid two weeks since I downloaded it. When I really like a food, like Mexican, I eat it all the time. Having an addictive personality is usually what happens to people that hate change and like routines. No, I am not a psychologist but that is my clinical diagnosis for the day.

Anyways, my latest obsession is taking over my life. Every eating, breathing, sleeping moment of my life has been consumed. Which is how this little blog got pushed to the side.

I started Crossfit on August 6 (also known as the hottest day of the year). I had heard enough about Crossfit from a few of my close friends and really did not understand the hype. Seriously, how can lifting 100 pounds in a non-air conditioned gym be worth $100 a month? I toyed with the idea before my jeans told me the answer. They were fitting like a skinny jean and were bootcut- I knew that was the sign.

I went the first day of class and almost passed out. Seriously. I could not move for three days at all. I thought about using some of my accumulated sick days so I didn't have to walk from the parking lot to my office. My Walgreens Wellness points quickly added up from Epsom Salt and Tiger Balm (Icy Hot on steroids). Two days later I had my second class scheduled and was determined to finish the workout. Hence where the addiction came into play.

I'm now one month in and addicted. I've got my Crossfit shoes ready for tonight's workout after having three days off from the holiday weekend.

Stay tuned for my next post where I talk about my other latest obsession--I just hope I post it before I realize it has been for one more month.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Family Vacation 2013

There is simply nothing better than a relaxing beach vacation with some of your favorite people.
Last week, my family headed down to Panama City Beach for some fun in the sun. We were on the beach during the day and then had ate dinner before bed on most nights. There were a few nights where we swayed away from our low-key vacation to play putt-putt or shop. Oh, and we took my little brother (who just turned 18) to Club La Vela to show him around.

Part of the best thing about Florida is the food. A week full of oysters, shrimp and crab legs is my type of Heaven. Here is our restaurant list for the weekend:
Monday: Captain Jack's (Our family can definitely chow down some crablegs. I felt bad for the poor waitress who had to come and clean our table every five minutes to remove our old plates because we kept going back for more!)
Tuesday: Boarshead (This is our must for PCB. It is the BEST steakhouse that I've ever been to and yes, that includes Ruth's Chris)
Wednesday: Ryan, my brother and I visited the shops in Seaside before heading to Destin. Some of our favorite stores on 30A are Old Florida Outfitters, Barefoot Princess, Seaside Classic, and Focus Lifestyle Boutique. If you are in Destin, make sure to go check out Destin Threads because they have some great preppy,classic brands as well.) We decided to eat the Grilled Cheese food truck on this day.
Thursday: Bayou Bill's (A new restaurant we tried out; make sure to order the grilled oysters!)
Friday: Boondocks (This was a new one we tried and really liked as well)

All in all, our vacation was amazing except it would not be a family vacation without one bad thing. Saturday, as Ryan, my brother and I were driving back my parents called and said the rental car key was in the car we were heading home in. This wouldn't have been a big deal but we were 4.5 hours away from PCB, which meant we were halfway home. For my parents to fly out the next morning in time, we had to turn all the way around to drop off the key. Let's just say we were all so exhausted after that ride home, but looking back on it now it was a pretty funny memory we will never forget.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The First Year of Marriage Lessons

Being married is hard, but being married to your best friend makes it easier.
Ryan and I are so much alike that it is not even funny, yet we are so different too. If being married has taught me anything, it has definitely been that marriage is all about compromise.

I'm the first person to say that I am extremely selfish. In fact, I had always believed internally that I would never get married because not a single man on this earth would want to put up with me...and give me my way all the time. I quickly became grateful for God sending me Ryan and realized I had to learn to become more selfless if I wanted to keep him around. Since this weekend is our first anniversary I figured I would share two of the main lessons I have learned in the past twelve months.

1. Mo' Money, Mo' Problems.

Remember that Biggie Smalls song from back in the day? It's definitely true. When you are single, you make your own money and you spend your own money. If you wanted to save every last penny or wanted to blow every single dollar, that was your choice. Being married means adding another person's income into the equation which can make it harder if boundaries are not set. I think God does have a sense of humor because Ryan and I have complete opposite views of money and deciding how to spend it. After twelve long months of weekly "I can't believe you bought that" conversations, I think we are finally on the same boat.

2. The "Baby Clock" Starts Ticking Once You Say "I Do."

There's this problem with our society. People think that once you are married, you are going to have a baby immediately. I am not kidding when I say that between the two of us we had four people ask us the month after our wedding when we were going to have kids. I have to admit that yes, I do have baby fever. It seems that everyone around me is pregnant. In fact, my sweet little just announced she is expecting today!!(Congratulations Anna and Dirk!) To answer everyone's question- it will happen when it happens. If I have a say in when God decides for it to happen then it will still be a while. I like planning my future out down to the exact minute that everything happens. However, we know that God has his own plan so instead of asking me just ask him and then he will probably laugh and say "In Due Time" (pun intended!)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

How Does Time Go By So Fast?

I can still vaguely remember when my little brother was born. I was so excited to have someone to play with until I quickly found out he was too young to enjoy the things I wanted him to play with me. Nonetheless, I grew up and was out of the house before he was even in middle school. He is such a cutie (and yes,I am biased but have been told this by countless numbers of friends my age and older). The college girls are really going to be into him that I almost feel like he needs to be living with me so that I can keep my eye (and hand) on him. Let's be clear that I would without a doubt lay in to any girl that would try to hurt him.

He is and will forever be my baby brother.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of watching him drape his honors cord on his graduate gown and turn his tassel as he closed one chapter of life and will quickly begin a new one. I am so proud of the person he has become and know deep in my heart that God has big plans for him.

He truly is his sister's brother. The graduation speaker was one of their high school English teachers. His speech was centered around how this class of graduating seniors had helped him change his perspective on teaching and taught him many valuable life lessons as well. He mentioned that as he was beginning to write his speech he came across a stack of old papers by the seniors and thought he would mention some of the most peculiar ones. The first paper he mentioned was "What Would Life Be Without Polo" by TJ (my brother). Yes, you read that right-my brother wrote a whole paper about how life would dramatically be different without the style of Ralph Lauren Polo. Talk about a family tradition ;)

May God bless and keep you always 
May your wishes all come true
May you always do for others 
And let others do for you
May you build a ladder to the stars 
And climb on every rung
May you stay forever young
-Forever Young, Bob Dylan